Creating a Wallet
In order to enjoy Umee's cross chain DeFi capabilities, an Umee blockchain compatible wallet is needed. Users can learn more general information about crypto wallets here.

Creating an Umee Wallet

Before creating an Umee wallet, review the following security tips.
Go to keplr.app and select "Install Keplr for Chrome."
The correct URL for the official Keplr website is "https://www.keplr.app"
Keplr is an interchain, IBC-enabled wallet, which means it can also serve as your wallet for several other blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.
Use the Chrome Web Store to add the Keplr extension to Google Chrome.
Open the Keplr extension and select “Create new account.”
Select if you’d prefer a 12 or 24 word secret recovery phrase, and write it down.
It's very important that you safely store and never share your secret recovery phrase! This is the only backup to your wallet in the event your device is lost or destroyed. Failure to properly store and conceal your secret recovery phrase will most likely result in the loss of assets stored in your wallet.
This step should be done in private! It is not recommended to take a picture of your secret recovery phrase.
Create a name and password for your wallet, then click “Next.”
Confirm you have written down your secret phrase properly by clicking the words in the correct order. When you’re finished, click “Register.”
Congratulations, you’ve officially set up an Umee blockchain compatible wallet! Now is a good time to store your secret recovery phrase somewhere safe.
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