Participating In Governance
Active community governance is important in order to help Umee grow while remaining decentralized and secure. As a native UMEE token holder you are able to participate in protocol governance and vote on various proposals to help shape the future of the Umee hub.


Voting on A Proposal

Sign into your Keplr wallet and go to the Keplr dashboard.
The correct URL for the Keplr dashboard is β€œ”
Be extra cautious and always double check the URL when staking tokens in order to avoid phishing scams.
Select β€œUmee” from the list on the left side of the Keplr dashboard.
Select "Umee" from the list of chains
Select "Governance" from the dropdown that appears.
You will now see all active governance proposals (if there are any). Select a proposal to learn more about it.
Select a proposal to learn more about it
Read the description of the governance proposal and do additional research as needed before making a decision. When you're ready, select the "Vote" button.
If you're unsure which way to vote, take your time to decide. You have until the "Voting End" deadline to cast your vote.
Choose which way you would like to cast your vote, select "Confirm," and approve the vote in your wallet.
The voter approves the proposal in its existing form.
The voter does not approve the proposal in its existing form.
The voter strongly disagrees with the proposal and feels the deposits made should be burned. Community members should use β€œNoWithVeto” when they determine a proposal is spam, or harmful to the Umee Hub.
The voter has no preference on the outcome of the vote, but has still participated in the voting process.
You have now cast your vote and successfully participated in Umee protocol governance!