The Umee token will not be launched until mid February 2022; any sale claims coming from anywhere other than the official Coinlist platform are scams. No token is or will be circulating until after the token generation event scheduled in mid February. Please report any suspicious claims to the #scam-alert channel in the official Umee Discord and do not engage with the scammers.


What is the total Umee token supply?
10 Billion, with a token inflation and deflation mechanism
What is the initial circulating supply?
Coinlist public sale participants will be the first to receive liquid Umee tokens. Initial circulating supply will be mainly from the unvested Coinlist public sale tokens and any unlocked amount from liquidity mining programs decided by the Community Dao.

Token Inflation & Deflation Mechanism

Umee’s inflation schedule changes slowly based on a targeted staking participation rate of 67%. When the network has 67% of all Umee tokens staked, the inflation rate will remain constant. When the network has more than 67% of all Umee tokens staked, the inflation rate will decrease gradually until reaching 7%, the floor inflation rate. When the network has less than 67% of all Umee tokens staked, the inflation rate will increase gradually until reaching 20%, the ceiling inflation rate.
The dynamic inflation rate and the staking mechanism of the Umee blockchain is the ultimate security mechanism that guarantees the security of the Umee network.
Of the platform fees generated by the initial borrowing and lending functionality, a governance determined percentage will be used for buy back and burn of the Umee tokens. Additional deflation of the token supply will occur via governance determined mechanisms.
Additionally, governance can decide on burning of any community and ecosystem tokens, in the future, for the best long term development of Umee.

Token Distribution & Release Schedule

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