Why Umee?

Existing Issues

There are three main issues in DeFi right now:
Isolated Capital
Concentrated Systematic Risks
Detached Yields

Umee's Vision

Umee aims to be the go-to cross chain DeFi hub to connect various ecosystems together and allow builders to create novel financial products on top. Umee plans to break the inherent silos between blockchains by utilizing bridging solutions towards interconnecting blockchains and encouraging better capital efficiency. The eventual goals will be to enable interchain lending and borrowing, multi-chain staking and delegations, plus cross chain defi rates.
Umee is both chain and bridge agnostic, and will evolve according to the marketโ€™s demand.

Key Advantages


The Umee blockchain is the foundational infrastructure for a wide ecosystem of DeFi protocols. Umee utilizes Cosmosโ€™ Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) to facilitate fast finality transfers of tokens between blockchains. Umee will also utilize various bridging solutions for interconnecting between fast finality and probabilistic finality networks, allowing for even better capital efficiency. In the future, transactions made on the Umee blockchain will be able to natively interact with other blockchains.

User Experience

Existing blockchain technologies are typically overwhelming for new users. The onboarding process alone can be time consuming, and minor mistakes can be costly. DeFi users often must choose between the accessibility of liquidity, transaction costs, transaction speeds, levels of decentralization, overall network security, and more when selecting which blockchain and protocol to interact with.
Umee prioritizes the user experience, and will allow new users to participate in DeFi more easily than ever before. Umeeโ€™s technology offers a flexible mix of speed and efficiency for blockchain transactions, without sacrificing decentralization or network security.