What is Umee?
Umee is a cross chain DeFi hub that interconnects between blockchains.

Interoperable Base Layer Blockchain

Umee is a base layer blockchain, much like Ethereum. As a base layer blockchain, applications and money lego primitives can be built on top of Umee in order to allow DeFi users to access cross chain leverage and liquidity.
As a Cosmos SDK blockchain, the Umee Network is interoperable with blockchains including Terra,, Binance Chain, Osmosis, Secret Network, and 30+ other chains, plus Ethereum, from Day one.

Lending & Borrowing Protocol

Umee is also a decentralized non-custodial liquidity protocol. Umee allows users to supply their assets on the Umee market to earn passive lending yield, while simultaneously using their deposits as collateral to borrow other assets and discover new yield opportunities through interchain leverage.
Umee’s DeFi protocol is currently deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, and will be launched on the Umee blockchain in the near future.
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