The Umee Validator DAO is proposed with the intention of further decentralizing decision making on all matters around the Umee validators. The operations of the Umee Validator DAO will be fully led and run by the Validator DAO Committee made up of volunteers from the Umee validator community.
At its initial stage, the first and foremost responsibility of the DAO is Umee Foundation delegation decisions. Going forward, the Umee Core team will be taking a support role in optimizing and expanding the functions and impact of the Umee Validator DAO with the goal of building a successful, inclusive and sustainable validator community for Umee in the long run.

How It Works


Validators in the Umee ecosystem are encouraged to make contribution in exchange for an Umee Foundation delegation.
Any validator who are interested in receiving an Umee Foundation delegation can submit a validator delegation application detailing the contributions they make.
The Umee Foundation gives validator delegation on a quarterly basis. Such delegation decision is made by the Umee Validator DAO. If you are a validator and wish to receive delegation, you can find the application details here.

Umee Validator DAO Committee

The Umee Validator DAO is run and managed by the Umee Validator DAO Committee.
The Umee Validator DAO Committee takes the responsibility of making delegation decisions each quarter. The committee reviews the validators' delegation applications, evaluate each one's contributions and make delegation decisions as a group.
Each quarter a new Umee Validator DAO Committee made up of 11 Umee validators will be formed on a first-come-first-served basis based on application submitted. Any validator can volunteer and become a committee member through submitting a DAO committee member application.
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